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 10 Terrible Places Found On Google maps


Number 10: Crabzilla

This picture was made in one of harbour of England. We see something there, appearing in accuracy, as huge crab. The creature has so huge size, that it could change our representation of crabs forever. Most likely, it is a not a huge crab, and just result of work of sea waves on sand. But we can assume only…

The number 9: Bare man.

This picture was made on one of city streets and it teases imagination. On photo made in Germany we can see an entirely bare man crawling out of the trunk of the car. Beside car  whether dead dog lies whether falling asleep. From all today’s photos found on Google maps , this one of the most terrible.

Number 8: Swastika shaped building at the Coronado Navy Base

Californian Navy base does not differ by anything from other one. But the first impression is deceptive, is worth only. To look to the same most base from above and all will become to its places. To see a whole Navy base entirely in a new light we were helped by the Google maps.
The representatives of USA NAVY once made comments on a so ambiguous fact, declaring that in given situation there is no double meaning place.

Number 7: Rabbit from out of nowhere
This photo was found out on Italy territory. It is 60 metres long rabbit carelessly thrown to Earth. Who and what for threw rabbit, stay the riddle so far. Anyway with that rabbit not bad photos turn out and interesting histories are composed.

Number 6: Jesus’s face

Satellite Google captured the face of Jesus in the vastness of Spain. At first glance — it just natural landscape, but you will be looked closer: believers from the whole world are sure that it is nothing other as the character of Christ future Revival. Since picture received wide publicity, tourists regularly started to visit this place. People believe that it is Holy Earth.

Number 5: Church of doubtful shape

This case is rather ambiguous. Now we look with you to the roof of the most present church in Illinois. Standing on the ground, you will not see nothing unusual. Indeed, before you there will be the most ordinary church.
On the concept of the architect, the building should twist tree worth beside and it is worth to admit appears all quite properly, but only not from air. Each bird flying above building, sees not that that Church should be resembling.

Number 4: Scene of crime in Richmond

This photo was found out on google maps in 2009. His coordinates are more inaccessible. On the picture made near railways it is possible to see victim lying on the ground and a few police officers of environmental him. The victim of murder became 14-years old boy, by name Kevin. Unfortunately, the murdre managed to disappear and crime was not disclosed. Picture which became viral, was replaced soon after on the considerations of decency and respect of the memory of victim. Unfortunately, at the crime scene photos was not made, and they could increase in turn, chances to murder’s capture.

More on this Youtube channel —

 Number 3: Scene of crime in Almere

In April 2013 was embodied something terrible on Google maps.. This picture was made on the lake nearby to Almere city that in Netherlands. Disturbed people so seen what was resolved to submit to police, indeed on photo was distinctly visible as the person pulls someone’s corpse to water. Police managed to find out just that photo was made a few years ago. Only after more detailed studying it became clear that on this picture were man and his dog, and the track, so resembling to bloody was left with water. Now, knowing all of this, to look to picture became much easier.

Number 2: Bloody lake.

This strange lake was found for the first time in 2007 in Iraq. There were exist A few theories of explaining this blood-red colour. Some consider that it is really blood, indeed beside lake there is a slaughterhouse. As well opinion exists that to all by fault aggregate action of wastes dumped to lake and work of sewage purification works. Since this photo received publicity waters lake returned themselves natural colour.
It is likely that due to the large spread of this phenomenon, the activity due to which the water turned to a bloody color had to be stopped.

Number 1: Wasteland guard

For the first time found out on Google maps nearby to Canadian boundary in 2006 Wasteland guard appeared as display created nature itself with the aid of erosion. They say that this formation exist a few hundreds years.
If you look closer, you can see headphones in Guard’s ears. As a matter of fact is a road leading to oil well. It is surprising and frightening that in the creation of the Wasteland guard man did not participate

10 Terrible Places Found On Google maps


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